After being a bit of a slower starter at getting my licence - 24 yrs old, I have definitely made up for the lost time on the road. Almost every role I've had has had an element of driving involved with extensive driver training throughout the years. I completed my accreditation last year and have been trained extensively by both Michelle and Peter which has enable me to transfer my experience and previous training into my role as a driving instructor. 

With my experience in hospitality, management roles and the public service I've been able to communicate with people from all walks of life and am usually able to cater my teaching style to the needs of the individual. I understand individual people learn in different ways and can usually help learner drivers wrap their heads around most things.

I have a strong interest in not only road safety, but personal safety too and am more than willing to share tips with young and/or vulnerable drivers to keep them safe. 

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Great service, Thanks


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