Testimonials - Heather Cowley

5 Stars

BagerznShantz Waianga

Thank you guys for helping me through my drive lessons. Big thanks for the encouragement from the trainers Heather, Peter and Michelle couldn't have done without you guys. Finally passed my drive test today! Cannot thank you guys enough right now..I am soooo excited and happy! ?? cheers and godbless you all at Cairns Car School ??????

5 Stars

Emily Howkins

A massive massive Thankyou to Heather . Heather taught me for a little under a year from the first time I ever got in a car up until yesterday when I passed my ps test first go ! You have a wonderful employee in Heather and I’m so appreciative for her and everything she’s taught me .

5 Stars

Pa Kou Thao

Thank you for made me feel comfortable driving in the road and passing my test. Your guys is amazing and a lot of helpful (Cairns Car School: — Heather Crowley, Peter, Michelle) Thank you once again :)

5 Stars

Anthony Tynan

A big thank you to Peter U help me so much and help me to Fix the problems to help me I would highly recommend Cairns car school to any learner driver and also a big thank you to Heather for helping me as well

5 Stars

Diantha Nelson

Thank you to Heather for being a wonderful driving instructor. She was very helpful and made me feel at ease during all my lessons.

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