Hi I'm John, since I was a child, cars have been a passion of mine. I enjoy pulling cars apart and putting them back together just as much as I enjoy driving them, which means I understand how to look after them while I drive them.

Since getting my licence in 2001, I'd helped several people along the way to get theirs. In 2017 I decided to make it official, and since becoming a driver trainer I can honestly say I enjoy teaching others to drive and passing on my knowledge of cars just as much as driving and working on them. (Note - I may fall into different accents and or song, I really enjoy my work)

We're going to have some fun.

5 Star Rating


John was amazing! He made me feel really confident while driving and totally understood anything I will point out or comment about. He made me practice and understand all the different skills required and was extremely patient with me. I am so glad I had the lesson with him. And extremely happy I passed!! Thanks for all the help guys :)

Julieta Caballero

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