I have always loved driving & teaching people in equal measure. I love the theory & physics aspects of driving. I love getting into the nitty-gritty of why you do things, and when you do them. This knowledge helps new drivers safely navigate unexpected circumstances they may have not encountered during their Learner's tenure. And of course, the (really bad) dad jokes are free.

Driving experience:

  1. Driving older brother's home-made dirt buggy on farm - age 8 - education method = trial & error!
  2. Pizza delivery during senior high school years and University (Ba of Health Science) - This is where I learnt my steering & observation skills
  3. Chauffeuring INXS from Cooma airport to their gig at Jindabyne (Ski season) - Not the most successful event.
  4. Driver for international tour coordinator for Adventures Cross Country, USA (ARCC) through Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria - ended up marrying the chauffeuree!! - beware of ICE on mountain passes.
  5. 2 Years delivery driver for printing and office furniture & supply company, Mill Valley, California, USA (chauffeuree was American)
  6. Co-Founder of Small World Journeys, Cairns - tour guide for SWJ, Tony's Tours and Barefoot Tours over 12 year period.
  7. 4 years as Driving Examiner/ Principle Customer Service Officer for QLD Department of Transport & Main Roads - Indigenous Driver Licensing Unit.
  8. Riding motorcycle around Thailand.
  9. Various truck driving roles between Gold Coast & Cairns.
  10. Have managed to avoid collision with Cairn's drivers for over 13 years - my greatest achievement!! :)

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Reviews 5 Star Rating


10/10 driving school, always had a good laugh and learnt alot of new things while driving with Cairns Car School.


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