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Driving School Trainer John


Hi I'm John, since I was a child, cars have been a passion of mine. I enjoy pulling cars apart and putting them back together just as much as I enjoy driving them, which means I understand how to look after them while I drive them.

Since getting my licence in 2001, I'd helped several people along the way to get theirs. In 2017 I decided to make it official, and since becoming a driver trainer I can honestly say I enjoy teaching others to drive and passing on my knowledge of cars just as much as driving and working on them. (Note - I may fall into different accents and or song, I really enjoy my work)

We're going to have some fun.

Driving School Trainer Alicea


I have always liked the experience of driving since I was young. I used to jump in my Grandad's quad-bike whenever I got the chance and cruise around our property on our little dirt bike (Mum called it 'Thumper') when I was a teenager.

Before becoming a trainer I was a  fruit & veg delivery driver for 4 years. I always enjoyed being out and about, driving around and interacting with different people along the way.

I am currently a truck/bus trainer for Cairns Truck School (same company as Cairns Car School) and get great satisfaction out of helping people gain the experience to pass their test and upgrade their licence.

I like to provide my students with a comfortable and relaxed learning environment. I’ve always liked being able to share my knowledge of things and am looking forward to being able to help people get their licence.

Driving School Trainer Warren


Hi, my name is Warren.

I have just recently moved back home to Cairns and am very pleased to be able to join the Cairns Car School team.
My background is in music education which I commenced in the late 1990’s.

In 2014, I was given the opportunity to broaden my scope and venture into driver training. I have been pursuing this ever since and for the last 5 years have been delivering advanced driving techniques exclusively for emergency services.

I am passionate about driving and driver safety and hope I may be able to impart some little extras to help you be the best driver you can be.

I look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

Driving School Trainer Gaye


I arrived in Cairns 15 Years ago from Papua New Guinea with significant work experience in customer service at airports in both locations.

Recently I became a certified Driver Trainer, greatly assisted by Peter and Michelle. Now I am very much looking forward to assist trainee drivers in becoming active safe road users and to achieve their “P’’ license. 

I am very patient and understanding, and do recognise that all individuals have their own ways of learning, and I’m happy to encourage them to be successful in their “learning to drive” experience.

Driving School Trainer Raquel


After being a bit of a slower starter at getting my licence - 24 yrs old, I have definitely made up for the lost time on the road. Almost every role I've had has had an element of driving involved with extensive driver training throughout the years. I completed my accreditation last year and have been trained extensively by both Michelle and Peter which has enable me to transfer my experience and previous training into my role as a driving instructor. 

With my experience in hospitality, management roles and the public service I've been able to communicate with people from all walks of life and am usually able to cater my teaching style to the needs of the individual. I understand individual people learn in different ways and can usually help learner drivers wrap their heads around most things.

I have a strong interest in not only road safety, but personal safety too and am more than willing to share tips with young and/or vulnerable drivers to keep them safe. 

Driving School Trainer Murray


Driving has always been a passion for me, even before I was old enough to drive.

I have driven commercially for nearly fifty years and not only do I still love driving, to be able to share my enthusiasm with learner drivers is a real pleasure.

I have been a professional Driving instructor for over ten years. My goal has always been to make the experience instructive and most of all, enjoyable.


Driving School Trainer Michelle


After 16yrs in the Navy, a change was needed.

Besides my love for the water, is my love for driving. It was a no-brainer. I decided to share my passion for driving with as many people as I could. In 2007, I completed my Driver Trainer Course and took to it like a duck to water.

Having a fun, easy going nature shines through into my teaching style. If your not having fun, you won't learn....

I use lots of pictures while teaching, so even a language barrier isn't an issue. Everyone can understand a picture.

I have four kids, so I have LOTS of patience.

Driving School Trainer Allan


"Life is a Journey, enjoy the ride" sounds simple and should be true. I know it isn't always so straight forward, and that's what I'm pleased to help with. I hope my passion for all things motorized can enable you to truly enjoy the freedom of driving safely and effectively in your machine!

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