Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson

After 16yrs in the Navy, a change was needed.

Besides my love for the water, is my love for driving. It was a no-brainer. I decided to share my passion for driving with as many people as I could. In 2007, I completed my Driver Trainer Course and took to it like a duck to water.

Having a fun, easy going nature shines through into my teaching style. If your not having fun, you won't learn....

I use lots of pictures while teaching, so even a language barrier isn't an issue. Everyone can understand a picture.

I have four kids, so I have LOTS of patience.

Brett Jenkins

Brett Jenkins

Brett started out as a very experienced Heavy vehicle driving instructor for Cairns Truck School. , in the last two years he has now been training students in both manual and auto cars to gain their licence.

Brett is a very calm easy going likeable instructor, who has been trained by our very own master instructorBrett is a very calm easygoing likeable instructor, who has been trained by our very own master instructor “Michelle”.

Michelle has trained Brett to deliver and teach exactly like her so they have students who are happy to go with both instructors and not get confused.

Brett has had fantastic feedback from a lot of students of how patient he is and also with the wealth of knowledge as a Heavy vehicle Instructor trainer he too knows all the rules and regulations inside and out.

Murray King

Murray King

Driving has always been a passion for me, even before I was old enough to drive.

I have driven commercially for nearly fifty years and not only do I still love driving,

to be able to share my enthusiasm with learner drivers is a real pleasure.

I have been a professional Driving instructor for over ten years. My goal has always been

to make the experience instructive and most of all, enjoyable.