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Learner Tips

  Giving way  

Give way means to slow down and, if necessary, stop in order to prevent a crash from happening.

You must always give way at a give way sign and check it's safe to continue. Give way signs are placed at intersections and other places where other vehicles have priority.

Remember, there are lots of situations on the road where you must give way even if there is no sign.

You need to give way if:

  • the rules say that you must
  • there's a give way or stop sign
  • there are stop or give way lines on the road
  • you're turning right across the path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection
  • you're turning left or right at a T-intersection
  • you're moving onto a road from a driveway or land next to a road
  • you're moving off from being stopped on the side of the road
  • you're doing a U-turn
  • you're turning left at an intersection with a 'left turn on red after stopping' sign.

Video of giving way

Watch the video to learn more about giving way.  

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